We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the community for supporting our family owned and operated business over the years. Thank you, Missoula! You will always have a little “pizza” our hearts! ❤️

From dough to delicious…we know pizza! 

At Howard’s, it starts with our traditional thin crust pizza dough. We make an 80-pound batch of dough daily, cut and rolled by hand to just the right thickness. Next, all of our sauces are made in-house using original recipes, unchanged over the years. Sauces are simmered to perfection and spread evenly as a base. Then comes hand-mixed and sliced in-house meats, plus fresh vegetable toppings. And finally, a generous portion of cheese. Enjoy a house specialty pizza or create your own – it’s all guaranteed to be delicious. Support a local favorite, call to order or come see us and dine in!

Make sure you try our famous Belly Buster Specialty Pizza!